The X-Pole™ is a durable, resistant steel tactical pole designed to accept the X-Ball®.  Allows for a parallel approach to a window or vehicle, reducing the line of fire from 180°  to 5-10°.  Includes hook attachment for break-and-rake operations.  

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    Product Features


    Allows for a parallel approach to a window or vehicle, reducing the line of fire from 180° to 5-10°


    For easy portability (weighs less than 5 lbs.)


    Hook attachment for break-and-rake operations


    Impact-resistant steel


    By utilizing the X-Pole™ along with  the X-Ball® extraction device, the responding officers can slow down the situation and break through the side or rear glass with a reduced line of fire. 


    Until the development of the X-Pole™ and X-Ball®, firefighters only option was to break glass using their axe By deploying this device, responders can safely and easily penetrate glass to allow air into a vehicle.

    The X-Pole™ and X-Ball® also allows firefighters to quickly and easily self-rescue when trapped in a burning building.


    Firefighters must be prepared to self-rescue themselves if they become trapped in a burning building. The firefighters must expend precious moments in either crossing a room and “breaking and raking” a window, and then find an anchor point for them to tie off their rescue line before exiting the building.


    The X-Pole™ in conjunction with the X-Ball® extrication device is an additional tool that can assist military personnel in breaching windows or other structures while utilizing as much protective cover as possible to reduce casualties.

    Also Available from Uniqative®

    The X-Ball® is an innovative breaching tool with astonishing glass-breaking capabilities.

    The X-Ball® can easily break through windows in most vehicles with a firm tap or an underhand throw.

    This compact device eliminates the face-to-flame or face-to-fugitive contact firefighters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel make when breaking glass barriers during a rescue.

    Also Available from Uniqative®

    For closer encounters, the X-Baton is a small, retractable tool designed to breach glass with ease and allows the user approach a vehicle window from a parallel or perpendicular position to reduce exposure to threat.

    It’s small and lightweight design makes it easy to attach to a tactical vest. Includes seatbelt cutter for quick extraction.