Typically, police officers are the first on the scene to an auto accident, which many times may involve a vehicle fire. Until the development of the X-Ball® extraction device, these responding officers limited option was to rush up to the vehicle and attempt to break out the glass with their axe, should the doors be jammed and unable to be opened. This creates an added danger to the officer because they are now exposing themselves to potentially harmful toxins that are being omitted from the burning vehicle. By deploying the X-Ball® extraction device, they can throw it through the glass, allowing fresh air into the vehicle. Thus, not only protecting them from the potential interior toxins but also providing precious fresh air to the occupants and possibly allowing them to gain a better read on the situation (number of occupants, injuries, etc.).

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    The X-Ball® is an innovative breaching tool with astonishing glass-breaking capabilities.

    The X-Ball® can easily break through windows in most vehicles with a firm tap or an underhand throw.

    This compact device eliminates the face-to-flame or face-to-fugitive contact firefighters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel make when breaking glass barriers during a rescue.

    Also Available from Uniqative®

    For closer encounters, the X-Baton is a small, retractable tool designed to breach glass with ease and allows the user approach a vehicle window from a parallel or perpendicular position to reduce exposure to threat.

    It’s small and lightweight design makes it easy to attach to a tactical vest. Includes seatbelt cutter for quick extraction.

    Also Available from Uniqative®

    The X-Pole™ is a steel tactical pole designed to accept the X-Ball®.