We design products to bring you home safe.

Uniqative® was founded based upon the principles of developing products that are unique and innovative. Our products are designed to provide assistance to military personnel, first responders and (eventually) civilians with practical means of improving their odds of a successful outcome.

We live in a complicated, dangerous world. That’s why Uniqative® has, and will continue to, innovate and create practical tools that are designed to stack the odds in your favor.

Featured Product

The X-Ball® is an innovative breaching tool with astonishing glass-breaking capabilities.

The X-Ball® can easily break through windows in most vehicles with a firm tap or an underhand throw.

This compact device reduces contact when breaking glass barriers.

Also Available from Uniqative®

X-Baton® vs. Leading Alternative Product

For closer encounters, the X-Baton is a small, retractable tool designed to breach glass with ease and allows the user approach a vehicle window from a parallel or perpendicular position to reduce exposure to threat.

It’s small and lightweight design makes it easy to attach to a tactical vest. Includes seatbelt cutter for quick extraction.

Now available for purchase online!

Also Available from Uniqative®

The X-Pole™ is a durable, resistant steel tactical pole designed to accept the X-Ball®.  Allows for a parallel approach to a window or vehicle, reducing the line of fire from 180°  to 5-10°.  Includes hook attachment for break-and-rake operations.  



Quickly take control of a situation by gaining entry into vehicles and windows.


Keep your distance from flames and self-rescue with one device.


Easily break through windows and vehicles for ventilation or escape.


Breach windows and structures with as much protective cover as possible.


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