Military personnel are tasked with the arduous mission of urban contact to defeat enemy forces or to gain intelligence of future enemy operations.

More times than not, breaching a door or window is going to be necessary to carry out the intended mission. With X-Response™ devices, it is no longer required to be adjacent to a window to break the glass.

The X-BALL® is designed to allow for a more defensive posture. By throwing the extraction device, the user is able to break glass from a distance—potentially behind protective cover.

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    The X-Ball® is an innovative breaching tool with astonishing glass-breaking capabilities.

    The X-Ball® can easily break through windows in most vehicles with a firm tap or an underhand throw.

    This compact device eliminates the face-to-flame or face-to-fugitive contact firefighters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel make when breaking glass barriers during a rescue.

    Also Available from Uniqative®

    For closer encounters, the X-Baton is a small, retractable tool designed to breach glass with ease and allows the user approach a vehicle window from a parallel or perpendicular position to reduce exposure to threat.

    It’s small and lightweight design makes it easy to attach to a tactical vest. Includes seatbelt cutter for quick extraction.

    Also Available from Uniqative®

    The X-Pole™ is a steel tactical pole designed to accept the X-Ball®.