Uniqative Products Placed on the Approved Method of Entry List by UK Police Forces

Uniqative is excited to announce that our glass breaking tools have been placed on the “Approved Method of Entry (MOE) Kit List” for use across the United Kingdom by UK police forces.  This development follows over one year of hard testing and trials by one of the world’s premier police organizations — the Metropolitan Police (London).  Testing of all three of our products, the X-Baton, the X-Ball, and the X-Pole was rigorous, and the world-famous police force put our products through the most extreme glass breaking circumstances to ensure quality, durability, and effectiveness.  Our X-Products proved highly effective against glass on both vehicles and hard structures.  We are exceptionally proud to be included in the Approved MOE Kit List for the world’s most renowned police organization, as well as for police forces across the UK.   Our X-Products are already in operational use by the Metropolitan Police (London) and we are expanding rapidly across the UK!
Method Of Entry (MoE) is a term used in connection with the employment of suitably trained and qualified officers to effect entry into premises, without compromising the health and safety of officers.  Our X-Products are made specifically to provide better protection for the officer, providing greater stand off from the glass and better protection from potential danger on the other side of the glass.